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    • 22 May 2018
    • 2711 North Haskell Avenue

    May 22, 2018 at Cityplace Tower

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    • Hear inspiring and practical ideas from CX Talks speakers, panelists and keynote speakers. 

    • Participate in breakout discussions and hands on workshops.

    • Meet hundreds of professionals who are passionate about customer experience. 

    Our goal: To help create seamless customer experiences by connecting the silos between business units and disciplines.

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    If you care about your customers and want to improve your customer experience – this is the conference for you. In our dynamic and ever-changing environment customers rule. Come learn about the diversity of talent and skills required to deliver a delightful and effective Customer Experience (CX). 

    Hosted at the Historic Cityplace Tower in Dallas, this full-day conference features 2 keynote speakers, 14 CX Talks Speakers, an allstar CX Practitioner/Client Panel, 10 breakout discussion groups and hands-workshops. Meet and network with CX leaders, association representatives and conference attendees from a wide variety of disciplines. You'll leave with a more informed understanding and appreciation of the talent, skills and tools required to create world class customer experiences.

    Why Attend?

    1. Learn how CX practitioners across industries and disciplines have made an impact on their companies and what results they are seeing

    2. Explore how CX can be used in your organization and how you can get measurable business results from implementing proven CX methods

    3. Participate in discussions and Q&A with industry thought leaders

    4. Meet with CX practitioners, technology firms, researchers, brand managers, media leaders and more from across a wide spectrum of CX disciplines

    5. Expand your professional network with CX leaders

    6. Experience the latest CX technology and tools from leading CX platforms

    7. Create the future of customer experience as we share stories, lessons and advice

    8. Earn 6 hours CEU credits for attending

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